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With our clinics closing on the 24th December and not reopening until the 4th January, we thought it was important to give you some advice on caring for your hearing aids. Even over a 10-day period, there are things you need to be doing every day to make sure your devices stay in tip-top condition. It’s also a great habit to get into going forward as it prolongs the life of your hearing aids keeps them working properly.


The first thing to think about is the wax filter. If you haven’t been in to see us for a little while, you might experience some issues with this over the holidays. It’s important that you check this every day during your regular routine. Most hearing aids feature a filter or guard that prevents wax from getting into the speaker. They often have a series of holes which should be visible to the eye. If they aren’t, it’s time to change the filter. Here’s a handy video to help guide you through the process:


Getting out and about this year might be difficult but when you do, don’t forget your hearing aids! We’ve all forgotten them before, or left them at home because we don’t think we’ll need them. It leads to situations where you struggle to hear friends or family, miss important information, or just end up making your day more difficult. This brilliant sketch from Mat Hench portrays exactly how that feels for many of us:


Finally, we wanted to get across the importance of cleaning your hearing aids regularly. Even if you only do this once a week, you’ll enjoy years of better hearing with your devices.


The vast majority of problems with hearing devices are due to lack of cleaning. If your devices aren’t working as they should, it’s worth giving them a clean and changing the filters. Almost all of the time, this will solve any problems.


This great article from Healthy Hearing will guide you through proper hearing aid cleaning and maintenance:


Sometimes, you’ll be away from home or unable to get in to see one of our audiologists. We understand the possibility of having a problem with your devices can cause anxiety. This is why it’s so important to properly clean and maintain your hearing aids.


Proper maintenance, even completed once or twice a week from home, can greatly reduce the risk of experiencing any issues. We hope that this article has helped you start or continue this process yourself!


If you or a family member are having problems with their hearing aids, we’d strongly recommend speaking to one of our expert audiologists. They can diagnose the problem and provide you with ways to prevent the problem from happening again. Book a consultation today by calling 01277 264938 or emailing us on