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Supporting Our Clients Through Covid-19

The County Hearing team would like to thank our wonderful clients for their continued support and compliance with our guidelines. We have been overwhelmed with your response and understanding and we cannot thank you enough for using our services.

Oliver Wright and Allan Wright

Despite the recent changes in the government rules on COVID 19 we are still implementing our own policies.

We are now two years on since Covid-19 started and finally it feels we are getting back to some normality. I think I speak for all of us when I say I didn’t think this day would come.

We have closed the practice, re-opened, socially distanced, and lost the ability to recognise one another due to mask wearing and I can finally say we are nearly there.

Whilst our priority always has, and always will be to keep our staff and clients safe, we are now able to change our Covid-19 protocols and give you a more relaxed experience during your visit. We also want you to know that relaxed does not mean we have forgotten about it. We appreciate everyone is at different stages with Covid-19 and we will adapt to accommodate for that, so you feel comfortable visiting us for your appointments.

So, from Thursday the 24th of February I am delighted to give you our up-to-date protocols for the foreseeable.


  • We will be keeping a locked door policy; this allows us to maintain control of the environment and socially distance where necessary. This means battery and accessory purchases are still to be fulfilled through the postal system or collected on a chosen date. ‘No walk-ins’


  • To help maintain a clean environment, we will still be asking you to sanitise your hands on arrival and we will continue to clean the space in between each appointment.


  • You will no longer be required to wear a facemask for your appointment unless of course you want to. As clinicians, we have chosen to keep wearing facemasks whilst you are with us, if lip reading is required, please ask and we can remove this at your discretion.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.