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Vista Hearing Aids

We know how difficult hearing loss can make your daily life. Whether you’re watching TV, entertaining your grandchildren, attending a party or having coffee with friends, our hearing care will ensure that you never miss a moment. 

Our team of Brentwood-based audiologists are experts in the industry and highly-qualified in delivering the hearing care that you need. After a full hearing assessment, we’ll show you a range of hearing aids and accessories and help you find the perfect solution to suit your lifestyle!

At County Hearing, we’re proud to work with Vista, a leading hearing aid supplier with over 50 years of experience in hearing innovations. Vista’s hearing aids offer a wide range of functionalities, sleek designs, and clear sound-quality in one package!

Vista Hearing Aids

There’s an option for everyone with the Vista DX range

The Vista DX range is a family of hearing aids providing a stylish design, comfortable feel, and premium sound quality. If you find replacing hearing aid batteries fiddly, many of the devices offer rechargeability. This means that you can simply plug your devices in to charge and enjoy hours of great hearing! 

There truly is an option for everyone in the Vista DX range with a variety of device types, shapes, sizes, and skin-tone colour options included.

Conversations become effortless

Hearing speech is easier than ever before with the Vista DX range. With fantastic speech interpretation technology, the DX hearing aids help you better identify the direction speech is coming from and assists you in hearing it. 

The Vista DX range also includes the Soft Speech Intensifier feature within each hearing device. This emphasises details of speech so that even the quietest conversations become easier and more enjoyable.

Staying connected on the go

Wherever you are, you’ll always be able to fine-tune your hearing aids through the easy-to-use smartphone app. Simply load up the app and adjust your hearing to suit your environment, quickly and discreetly. This also means that we can adjust your hearing remotely, so you won’t have to visit our clinic if it isn’t convenient for you! 

You can connect your DX hearing aids to all of your favourite devices using Bluetooth! Video calling family, chatting to friends, and watching TV can all become much easier at the tap of a button.

If you’re interested in trialling a device from the Vista DX family, we’d love to hear from you. Our expert audiologists can assess your hearing and recommend the devices most suited to you! Click the button below to get started today.