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ReSound Hearing Aids

At County Hearing, our primary focus is on treating our clients like family. Every one of expert audiologists is highly-trained, qualified, and understands the difficulty of hearing loss. Regardless of the problem you’re having with your hearing, we can help.

Making the decision to wear hearing aids can be tough. You might feel self-conscious and concerned about how it’s going to affect your life. Thankfully, this change is often a relieving and joyous one. At County Hearing, we aim to supply hearing aids that deliver this feeling every day through our amazing range of suppliers, such as ReSound.

ReSound were established in 1943. Since then, they’ve helped thousands of people lead a happier and healthier life through state-of-the-art hearing technology. With an emphasis on revolutionary design and thinking, ReSound have been able to create innovative devices that help all of their users communicate with the world around them. Put in their own words: they believe that hearing technology can create “a life that empowers you to hear more, do more and be more than you ever thought possible”.

The ONE you’ve been waiting for

The ReSound ONE is the most innovative hearing aid they’ve ever created. As soon as we heard about it, we were excited to bring it to you as one of their exclusive providers in the UK. These revolutionary devices feature an astonishing amount of incredibly technologies, and they look amazing as well. You can choose from a huge range of colours too, so there’s something that’ll fit your style.

Hear the world with your own ears

The ReSound ONE collects and processes sound in a revolutionary way. Due to its two traditional outer microphones and the receiver-in-ear, it can use the unique shape of the user’s ear to naturally collect sound. This leads to sound that is personalised for every person and creates a more immersive experience. It truly is the most natural-feeling device available and provides greater direction and depth of sound.

Adapts to your environment

Whatever environment you use your devices in, the Resound ONE is capable of adapting automatically to suit it. Whether it’s loud, quiet, or in between, it promises better hearing anywhere.

The devices also come with the innovative Ultra Focus feature. At the push of a button, it improves the clarity of one-to-one conversation, even when you find yourself in a loud and busy setting. You’ll never have to worry about that crowded coffee shop or restaurant making it hard to hear again!

Stay connected to the people and things you love

Every ReSound device is also supported by their app. Once you’ve downloaded it on your Apple or Android smartphone, it will connect to your hearing aids and allow you better control over your devices.

Their app also supports connectivity to loads of your favourite devices. Watching TV, using the phone, or listening to the radio has never been easier! Simply link your hearing aids to any of your devices and stay connected to your world.

Even with all of these amazing features, every ReSound One comes with 30 hours of battery life. It even charges quickly too, thanks to the ultra-fast charging technology!

Are you interested in trying the ReSound ONE or would you like to find out more about it or any of our other hearing devices? Get in touch with one of our expert audiologists today by clicking below.

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