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Signia Hearing Aids

At County Hearing, we see hearing loss as something that should never hold you back.

To make sure your hearing is working with and not against you in your daily life, we only supply hearing aids from brands that we trust! Signia is a newer brand who have pioneered developments in hearing technology for the past 140 years – and by providing many ‘world firsts’, is a dominant force within audiological innovation.

Say goodbye to tiny batteries, dull beige colours and hearing stigmas! Signia does a great job of providing a stylish and practical solution, and alongside their rechargeability, anyone can ‘Be Brilliant’!

We’re proud to be partnered with Signia, because we share the same values; of helping to improve the lives of people who are hard of hearing. This drive ensures that the products we offer from them are undoubtedly brilliant and innovative.

Signia Hearing Aids

Cutting edge technology

Signia offer a wide variety of hearing device that we are proud to offer you. If you’d like to try one of these or find out more about the rest of their range, get in touch with us on 01277 264938.

Styletto AX

With a discreet fit in mind, Signia’s rechargeable devices look incredibly elegant without compromising on quality. Their Augmented Xperience, Styletto AX, provides amazing clarity of speech alongside all the key features you’d need from your hearing aids.

These devices have eliminated the worry of changing batteries. With their Qi technology, your devices can be easily charged both at home and in the case for up to 17 hours per use

Finally, Styletto AX has Android & iPhone connectivity, Signia Assistant, and much more!

Signia Styletto AX Hearing Aids
Signia Active Pro Hearing Aids

Signia Active Pro

At County Hearing, we understand that everyone is different, and we aim to help fulfill their requirements. The Signia Active Pro is a device that we really love as it’s sure to appeal to many.

Based on the design of ‘earbuds’, the Signia Active Pro comes with a variety of sleeves to fit comfortably in any ear and suits any personal preference. Not only do these devices enhance your Hearing experience overall (especially in acoustic situations), but with their Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream music and takes phone calls in clear and sharp quality.

Lastly, the devices come with a handy pocket-sized charging case – providing ultimate user flexibility with up to 26 hours of use per charge

Get your brand new Signia Active Pro devices today. To find out more, or give it a try, get in touch.