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Essex Air Ambulance

Supporting the Community

At County Hearing, we are proud to support Essex Air Ambulance by donating £2 per re-tube of behind the ear hearing aids. Roger Halliday, our senior audiologist, also takes part in the Charity Motorcycle Run which last year raised £35,000 towards Essex Air Ambulance.

For more information or to donate toward the Essex Air Ambulance, visit their website here. All donations are gratefully accepted.

Essex Air Ambulance Chopper

Saving lives

The first Air Ambulance was launched in 1998 and the EC135 Eurocopter launched in May 2003. Today, the Eurocopter is in operation seven days a week in daylight hours and attends an average of 2-4 emergencies per day.

The helicopter is fast, warms up quickly, and has space for a family member to accompany the patient. It also has the ability to access remote parts of Essex quickly, including areas inaccessible to land vehicles such as woods, beaches, docks, and golf courses.

Unlike road ambulances, the Eurocopter is not affected by high tides or traffic congestion on our busy roads and country lanes. And, based at Boreham, it is never more than eight minutes flying time from any one of the major hospitals in Essex.

All of this means that the Air Ambulance can bring highly qualified clinicians and sophisticated life-saving equipment to a patient within the first few vital minutes of an emergency.

We believe in supporting local charities that make a difference to local lives. Essex Air Ambulance is a service that makes a real and often dramatic difference to the lives of people in Essex.