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We often meet clients who feel self-conscious about the way that their hearing aids will look. They are worried about others noticing they’re wearing them, or would simply like to keep their hearing loss private. Although we encourage our clients not to be embarrassed about their hearing loss, we understand and are dedicated to providing them with an option that solves this concern.

Hearing devices have made great improvement in recent years. Their designs are becoming more stylish and technology more advanced. At County Hearing, we’re proud of the broad range of devices we can offer our clients, including several invisible hearing aids.

You might be wondering how invisible hearing aids work, or what their benefits might be. Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about invisible devices to help you assess whether they’re the solution you’ve been looking for.

What are invisible hearing aids and how do they work?

Invisible hearing aids are exactly that, devices that aren’t visible around the outer ear. Due to their positioning deep within the ear canal, no wires, tubes or plastic casing can be seen on the outside of the ear.

Invisible devices are generally custom-fit to your ear so that they feel comfortable but also work effectively to help your hearing loss. Their positioning helps them achieve a natural sound quality as the sound waves can react with your outer ear in a similar way to natural hearing.

What are the pros of invisible hearing devices?

At County Hearing, we offer many invisible hearing device options. To help you decide whether they might be right for you, here are some of the benefits of using invisible hearing devices.


Of course, one of the biggest benefits of invisible hearing aids is their unmatched, discreet design! This makes them ideal for anyone feeling self-conscious about their hearing loss.

Unlike traditional hearing aids, you also won’t need to worry about the outer casing getting caught on any accessories. This means that wearing glasses, hats, scarves and face masks becomes much easier!

Natural sound quality

Invisible hearing aids sit deeper within the ear canal than the traditional, over the ear style which helps them achieve a more natural sound.

As well as this, many of our clients’ report forgetting that they’re wearing them due to their lightweight material and the absence of wires and tubes! This is all helpful in creating a natural hearing experience for you so that you can carry on your life as usual.

Better comfort

Wearing hearing aids for the first time is a substantial but amazing transformation to your life, so it’s important that they feel natural and comfortable. Many clients find invisible hearing aids to be a very comfortable option, they are custom-made and sit deep within your ear canal so you’ll barely know they’re there.

Invisible devices make day-to-day life more convenient too. Not only will you have great hearing, but you won’t need to adapt the way you do the things that you love. Talking on the phone is a breeze and wearing over the ear headphones doesn’t leave you tangled in wires!

Are invisible hearing aids for me?

Every one of our client’s needs are different. From ear shape to hearing loss severity, to your lifestyle and what you find comfortable, there are lots of factors to determine whether invisible devices are right for you.

If your hearing loss is mild to moderate, then it’s likely that invisible devices will be a great solution. However, if you’re suffering from more severe hearing loss, then we’d recommend trying an alternative option. Our audiologists are here to help guide you through this!

For some clients, their ear canal may be short or simply a different shape, meaning that they may not find invisible devices overly comfortable. Another point to consider is that the smaller size of these devices will require more frequent changes of battery. Some of our clients find this fiddly and decide on a different style of device. These are all things that our audiologists will be able to explain and demonstrate for you!

At County Hearing, we’ve helped many clients self-conscious about hearing loss find their ideal devices. If you’d like to find out more about our invisible hearing aids, or alternative options, book a consultation with one of our expert audiologists today.