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At County Hearing, we specialise in helping those with hearing loss find suitable solutions to better hearing. However, we recognise that hearing loss doesn’t just affect those who are experiencing it. Spouses, family and friends can all be affected by the hearing loss of their loved one too.

If you’re close with somebody who you think might have hearing loss, it can be difficult to know how to approach the situation how to tell someone they have hearing loss. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this short article, we’ll discuss some of the ways that you help, comfort and support your loved one. If they’re ready to get in touch about finding a suitable solution to their hearing problems, click the button below to book an initial consultation.

Recognising the signs

It might sound simple, but understanding what to look out for in somebody with hearing loss is the first step. Sometimes, those struggling to hear won’t want to accept it themselves or may have gotten used to the change.

Here are some of the signs that your loved one might be experiencing hearing loss:

  • They accuse you of mumbling and ask you to repeat yourself
  • They can’t hear in group situations or busy environments such as restaurants
  • They’re opting out of social situations
  • They seem more tired, especially after conversations
  • Phone conversations are difficult
  • They increase the volume on the TV or radio

Comforting your loved one

Coming to terms with hearing loss affects everyone in different ways. Some people may accept the change and proceed with treatment, others may be in denial of their loss of hearing and deny needing help. If they’re showing signs of the latter, you might be struggling to know what to say without hurting their feelings. Remember, you’ve got their best interest at heart and it’s okay if you feel frustrated, sad or worried.

Here are just a few ways that you could help:

  • Although you might be worried, try to talk calmly with them about your concerns.
  • Every time they ask you to repeat something, gently remind them of their hearing loss.
  • Suggest taking an online hearing test before attending an appointment. This can often be a great in-between step. You can find ours here.
  • Offer to help them to schedule an appointment with an audiologist, suggest that you can take them or pick them up if they’re feeling anxious.
  • Show them some of the incredibly discreet, comfortable and high-tech hearing aid options available at the moment. We’re proud to offer many of these to our clients to help ease their worries about wearing a hearing device.
  • Remind them of what they could gain by finding a suitable hearing solution!

Our online hearing test is a great first step to indicate how well you or your loved one can hear and it only takes 3-minutes!