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Throughout lockdown and the closure of our clinics, we wanted to find a way that we could keep in touch with all of you. Providing on-going guidance, information, and fun was something that we were all keen to be a part of.

Many of you will have noticed that we’ve been regularly sending out emails with a variety of articles, tips, and some words from Roger, Yvonne and the other members of our team that you’ve come to know. We sincerely hope that these emails were helpful in any way to you, even if it just gave you something to do for 30-minutes!

Members of the County Hearing team have found writing and helping to produce these emails enjoyable. Not only that, but it’s also given us something to work towards when we’ve been unable to see you in our clinics. We’ve also had some wonderful feedback from all of you and it’s because of this that we’d like to continue these emails, even after lockdown!

If you have any feedback about our emails, or would just like to provide some general words about your experience with us, we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us via email at or you can call us on 01277 264938.

If you’re interested in receiving these emails in the future, there are a couple of ways you can sign up. Firstly, you can email or call us and let us know that you’d like to be added to the mailing list. Secondly, you can fill in our contact form by clicking here!

Here are some wonderful words from just a few of our clients:

“Love reading what you have been up to during lockdown. It’s also great, as a patient, to know you have not forgotten us and that you are there if we need advice on any hearing problems. I am due to come and see you again next month if everything is back to normal if not then asap after you reopen. In the meantime, please stay safe keep up these great newsletters and thanks for showing that you care about us the patients.”

Mr F

“Thank you for sorting out the repair to my hearing aid, it all went to plan with the video instructions!  I have just read your email newsletter, it’s good to get them. I always appreciate the wonderful service offered.”

Mrs M.H

“Georgiana’s story I found interesting I had the same resistance to hearing aids, even though I am an “older” man I didn’t consider myself an “old” man. Now I am use to wearing them I even boast about it and readily show them off when people say “I didn’t know you wear hearing aids”. My wife always knows when I am not using them, she starts to mumble again. One piece of advice I can give since I became used to wearing hearing aids, don’t put them in before you have your shower, it’s easy to forget you are wearing them!”

Mr M.H