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County Hearing are your local, all-in-one audiologists. Every year, we help hundreds of people rediscover what it means to have great hearing. Regardless of the service you need, we focus on providing the best possible advice and professional care in a comforting and relaxing environment.

The services we provide include tinnitus treatment, earwax removal, hearing aid fitting and management, as well as a wide variety of hearing loss treatments. Whether you’re concerned about your hearing or just need a routine check-up, we can help. Book a consultation today with one of our hearing care specialists.

Hearing aids chosen to suit you

Your level of hearing loss will play a big part in deciding which hearing aids you need. Many of our clients struggled to have conversations in loud environments or found themselves raising the volume on their television. Whatever situations are tough on your hearing, we can help.

We’ve got a great range of hearing aids to choose from and numerous, money-saving packages. All of our hearing aid packages come with a two-year guarantee, two-year battery supply and a 60-day fitting and rehabilitation plan.

Earwax Removal & Tinnitus Treatment

Other problems associated with hearing loss, such as excessive earwax and tinnitus, can affect your life and cause frustration every day.

We are specialists in microsuction, a comfortable and safe way of removing any earwax build-up. The procedure is quick, entirely pain-free and carried out by one of our expert hearing care professionals.

Tinnitus can be difficult to manage due to the variety of things that can cause it. We will assess your hearing and work with you to devise a treatment plan which can help alleviate your tinnitus symptoms.

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Warm, welcome, fully qualified, and not part of a large chain. Excellent service, very professional. Completely satisfied with the results for Microsuction.

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Our hearing care centre is based in Brentwood, Essex and is fully equipped with specialist hearing care technology. Our audiologists are friendly, understanding and experts in their field.


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